Valentine’s day is a day set aside to celebrate love, but with it comes high expectations that sometimes cannot be met. For many people that day is filled with longing and unhappiness. Feeling that you have no one to share the love with can be lonely. What can you do to fill the void? Remember the person you should love the most…YOU!


Loving ourselves first brings great rewards. We are happier, we take better care of ourselves and we have more energy to give to our lives. We like having people in our lives, but we also have a need for solitude. We give positive attitudes and do not accept bad behaviors from others. That is love. Is loving ourselves first selfish? Absolutely not!! Everyone benefits. We feel better about ourselves and can give more to the people we love.



So, on this day how can you celebrate the love you feel for yourself? Pamper yourself! Give yourself the gift of a massage, a manicure and pedicure, play a round of golf, or tennis or soak in a bubble bath with a glass of your favorite beverage. Be with friends or not. The day is yours! Love yourself!


– Sylvia White, LMFT

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