Depression Treatment

Depression, commonly referred to as “major depressive disorder”, is a medical illness that affects how people feel, behave, and think. Depression causes sadness, hopelessness, loss of interest, inability to function, loss of energy, fatigue, appetite changes, insomnia, excessive sleeping, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, difficulty making decisions, lack of focus or ability to think, thoughts of suicide, and other symptoms. Psychiatric Wellness Center has depression therapists offering depression help in Bakersfield, California.

At Psychiatric Wellness Center, patients can receive a diagnosis and access effective depression treatment options from experienced psychiatrists. Our depression specialists in Bakersfield, CA will provide you with remedies for depression. Contact a depression specialist today at Psychiatric Wellness Center to begin your depression therapy.

Depression Statistics Worldwide 

  • 322 million people worldwide suffer from depression
  • Depression represents the main cause of disability throughout the world.
  • In most regions, women are twice as likely to be affected by depression, as opposed to men.
  • Less than 50% of people suffering from depression worldwide are receiving treatment.
  • 20% of people suffer from at least one depressive episode before becoming adults.
  • 800,000 people worldwide die of suicide yearly
  • Depression rates are increasing yearly, an 18.4% increase from 2005-2015
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 15 to 29


Depression Statistics in the United States

  • 8.1% of Americans age 20 and older suffered from depression between 2013-2016 (CDC)
  • 80% of adults in U.S. had difficulty leading normal lives due to depressive episodes (CDC)
  • 11 million U.S. adults had a depressive episode with severe impairment in the past year (CDC)
  • 64% of adults suffering from a major depressive disorder are more likely to be affected by coronary artery disease (National Institute of Health)
  • 65% of depressed Americans have received combined healthcare with medication (NIH)
  • 2.3 million youth ages 12-17 suffered from severe impairment due to depression (NIH)
  • 1.9 million children ages 3-17 are currently diagnosed with depression (NIH)
  • 34 million U.S. seniors ages 65 and up are suffering from depression (Mental Health America)

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

If medications and psychotherapy are not effectively treating the symptoms of depression, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) may be considered. During TMS, a magnetic pulse is used to stimulate nerve cells in the brain involved in mood control and depression. The goal is to activate the regions of the brain that have decreased activity, which should relieve the symptoms of depression. TMS is typically used only if other treatments are not effective. 

Diagnosis and Treatment for Depression

Obtaining a correct diagnosis of depression is key to developing a treatment plan. A licensed mental health professional can help determine the type of depression and determine the proper treatment for the needs of each individual. There is a large variety of treatments available, including a combination of psychotherapy and medication, which is known to be the most effective. Getting an early diagnosis and treatment, as with any chronic illness, may help reduce the intensity and duration of symptoms from depression. Early treatment can also reduce the likelihood of any relapse. You can receive depression help with early diagnosis and depression treatment in Bakersfield, CA at Psychiatric Wellness Center.

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